Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A day in the life!

I am certain my hair is sticking up and there are twice as many grays after today!
I like to think that in general we are a fairly organized and scheduled family.  It just works better when everyone knows what, where, and when...BUT...there are occasionally days like today.  Let's see...where shall I begin?
How about 5 o'clock (things were pretty ordinary until then).
I left the office with the girls to go get Adriaan...Matthew had gone home with Aunt Tammye.  As I walk into the sitters house, my eyes are drawn immediately to the "spot" in the floor where there had obviously been an "event."  I was thankful to learn that it was not my child that was sick...I am anxiously awaiting the 3 a.m. wake-up call.
5:15 - Dropped Abi off at a birthday party.
5:30 - I went to pick up Matt, only to learn that his favorite Scooby Doo cartoon was on and he begged for 1 more hour...fine. 
540 - I ran home to peel the potatoes for dinner and put in the meatloaf I prepped at lunch (thank goodness).  Got the potatoes peeled, washed, cut, and put in boiling water at 6:00.
6:05 - Dirty diaper...my favorite!
6:10 - Got a call from the ER...someone needs a drug screen
6:20 - Take basketball clothes to Abi for practice at 6:30.
6:25 - Get a text from Tammye...Matt is ready
6:30 - Take Ani to baseball practice
6:31 - Realize that Ani's baseball practice started at 5:30 not 6:30
6:32 - SIGH
6:40 - Pull into my driveway
6:41 - Remember I am supposed to do a drug screen
6:45 - Go to the ER with the baby on my hip...guy wasn't ready for test.
6:46 - Remember I have potatoes boiling
6:50 - Back at the house to drain potatoes and put in the meatloaf
6:55 - Arrive back at the ER...still with baby...guy still isn't ready...which is good because
6:57 - Remember I am supposed to get Ani at 7!
7:02 - Pick up Ani at baseball practice
7:10 - At the ER again...guy FINALLY ready!!
7:20 - Pull into driveway
7:21 - Remember I was supposed to pick up Matt...an hour ago!
7:25 - Pick up Matt
7:30 - Pick up Abi from practice
7:33 - Learn that Abi has a basketball game on Thursday night...no big deal...Matt has T-ball practice (which I coach), and Ani has baseball practice that night too...and American Idol...what about American Idol?!
7:40 - Return home to finish dinner...homework...and baths.

Life returned to some sort of normalcy at this point...but not before my eyes were crossing and my hair was falling out.  These are the days that I have to sit down, take a deep breath (or 20), and focus on the good and not the bad.

1. I am thankful for a WONDERFUL babysitter, she makes my baby happy!!
2. I am thankful for a vehicle to get us around...it may not be new but as my dad would say...IT KEEPS MY BUTT FROM DRAGGING THE GROUND.
3.I am thankful for a wonderful community for my children to grow up in and parents willing to give up their precious time to coach my kids.
4. I am thankful that my children are healthy.
5.I am thankful for food to prepare
6.I am thankful for a job that allows me to be flexible
7.I am thankful for my family...in my home and down the street.
8. I am thankful for my husband...I know that he is working hard to provide for our family while I run around like a chicken with my head cut off.
9. I am thankful for a mother that taught me how to cook and the value of providing a homemade meal.

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