Saturday, August 20, 2011

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

Ahhh...the simplicity of a good 'ol grilled cheese sandwich.  Maybe I'm just a big kid, but I still LOVE a grilled cheese.  Quick, easy, CHEESY...what's not to love? 
This recipe is like...a grilled cheese grew up, went to college, got a job, and BOUGHT A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE!'s THAT good!

Okra (MY way)

Holy Cow!  I haven't blogged since June has been one busy summer! With work, a wedding, vacation...oh yeah...and 4 kids, it's been CA-RAZY!
This recipe just may be worth the wait though.  2 ingredients...I repeat...2 INGREDIENTS!  This time of year backyard gardens are spilling over with veggies, especially okra.  Not that I have a garden.  But, my mom has a garden this year.  Not that my okra came from her garden...not that I have gotten ANYTHING from her garden...I'm thinking I need to talk to her about that!  Regardless, the local supermarkets are also overflowing with it AND if it's not summer, you can always find it in the frozen food section. 
I know that most of you will gasp in shock and maybe insinuate that I am un-American or maybe just un-Southern...but, I DON'T LIKE FRIED OKRA!!  There I said it. While I'm at it...I DON'T LIKE STEWED OKRA!!  It feels good to have it out in the open.  I like pickled okra.  AND...I love anything cooked in bacon grease...which brings us to today's recipe!